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Northern Ireland Towns




Cave Hill  North Belfast

Co Antrim

Photo taken:December 28, 2003

The Cave hill (1,182 ft) with it's black basalt cliffs mark the southern end of the Antrim plateau ( a mountainous line stretching down the east side of N.I ).
Viewing from the correct angle, the outline of the hill resembles the side view of a  Human face of which many local people know as Nepoleon, the nose being the extreme peak on the center of the hill. To the right of  this peak  there a number of small caves carved out on the cliff face, one of these caves being at the base can be easily entered by climbing  6-8 ft, the other caves are much more difficult to explore and are best left to experts.

The Cave hill summit can be climbed with not much effort from this side(photo) by taking a path that runs along the side of the Zoo and then by following the track up past and to the right of the nose Peak.  There is also another path that takes you past Belfast Castle leading you around the less steep southern side of the hill.  At the rear of the Hill at the Cave hill country park ,parking and a proper path leads you to the summit.
Mc Arts Fort is an earthwork seperated by a deep ditch from the rest of the Cave Hill.  It was named after a 16c/17c chieftain who was most likely killed by the Elizabethans.  The Fort served as a lookout and a place of refuge for the native Irish against Vikings and anglo-Normans.  In the year of  1795 Wolfe Tone and his fellow united Irishmen spent two days and nights in the fort planning the independance of Ireland  .

Photo was taken on land reclaimed  from the sea beside the M2 motorway, near Mountvernon.



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